Services I offer

Your SEO strategy, covered

I offer services that cover essential elements to improve your site and grow your organic traffic. Whether that's ensuring fundamentals like crawling and indexing are covered or making content and user experience something that gives your brand a competitive advantage.

A flexible approach

I work in whichever way will benefit you most. Whether you want a hands-off approach where I'll manage everything end-to-end, or you need more flexibility and understanding of internal resources that I could utilise.

  • I'll use internal resources wherever appropriate.

  • I'll teach your teams best-practices.

  • I'll help you develop processes that benefit SEO.

  • I'll be a reliable, always available resource for SEO.

All services

Technical SEO.

Optimising what you have on your site through Technical & On-page SEO is a great way to drive revenue without the significant investment in off-page campaigns and link building.

I consistently improve conversions and performance with technical SEO. If I don’t truly believe I can do that, I won’t recommend it.

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Content marketing

Creating content to target micro-moments in each stage of the user’s journey is key to any search strategy. You need to nurture your audience from initial awareness to conversion and loyalty.

Creating content that isn't expert-led can have a profound negative impact. Work with me to ensure you make the right content, written by the right people.

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SEO Strategy

The strategy sits at the heart of an SEO campaign. Results take longer to achieve without it, and ROAS decreases as your marketing budget gets wasted.

The SEO strategy I’ll create will cover the key workstreams to implement to ensure growth from SEO, whether through technical changes, content or off-page activity.

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Data & reporting

Issues with data collection? Sampling? Reporting? I create solutions that put the metrics that matter front and centre, whether that’s by enhancing tracking, creating bespoke multi-channel reporting or fixing tracking errors.

Spend more time analysing insights and less time worrying about data accuracy and visualisation.

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Who am I?

A little more about me

My vast history, experience and knowledge in SEO benefits all companies that work with me. Here are key things to know before we work together:

  • 9 years of SEO experience.

  • Enterprise experience both In-house and as a consultant.

  • I thrive with complex technical setups.

  • Consistently delivers results.

  • Cross-skilled, I have a background in UX and development.

What do other brands say?

I'm trusted by brands of all sizes

I'm proud to say that alongside delivering consistent results across the brands I work with, I build excellent working relationships with clients to become integrated into their businesses'.

  • 104%

    12-month average traffic increase for my current clients

  • 5

    The maximum ongoing projects I'll take on at a time

SEO knowledge and tips

The latest from my blog

When I'm not busy growing organic traffic for clients, I'll create something new and write about it here. Read on for insights, findings, and ideas from my daily work as an SEO.