I have already discussed one method of monitoring trends in Google Sheets. Now, I am releasing a simpler version, thanks to a tool called Keywords In Sheets.

Keywords In Sheets makes it easy to get historical search volume data, my template makes it easy to store this data permanently, and automatically refresh the data monthly in the background, without overwriting any historic data

I created this so you can quickly set it up and forget about it until you observe a change in traffic. Then, you can use it to figure out if the shift was because of increased demand.

But, this new approach has one drawback. Keywords In Sheets only offers 12 months of search volume data. Let’s hope it will expand soon.

I will keep this article concise; there isn't much to explain apart from a straightforward Google Sheet I've made here.

#1 Add your list of keywords

Getting started with the sheet is very simple. First, add your list of keywords you want to track into the 'Data - Keywords' tab.

data keywords trends tab

Check that the keywords have search volume. You don't need to include many long-tail variants. Include the most representative keywords of the market, such as 'gifts for him', 'gifts for her', and 'gifts' if you want to monitor gifting trends. This will give you an idea of whether the demand for gifting is increasing or decreasing.

#2 Run the data

Now you're ready to get trends data. Head to the 'Trends Options' menu I've added at the top, and select 'Get Data'.

get data trends

You should now see trends data added in the 'Trends Data' tab.

data keywords trends

If you want the data to refresh monthly, you can then go back into the menu at the top and select 'Schedule Monthly'.

schedule monthly trend

Now once a month, on the 15th, the script will re-run in the background and add any new search volume data to the sheet. Note that it will not delete old data; it takes a copy of your current data in the sheet and merges then de-dupes it.

#3 Visualise in Data Studio

This data format is perfect for easily visualising it within Data Studio. For this example, I created a simple line chart showing the monthly trend for the past 12 months for the keywords I chose.

data studio trends

Final words

I hope this helps someone! I spent a few hours on it the other week and thought I'd share it so others can use it—as it's an incredibly simple way of setting up a search trend monitoring solution.

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