My first encounter to SEO was nearly ten years ago when I was introduced to a search agency in my first full-time job.

The concept intrigued me, and I was encouraged to nurture that by moving SEO in-house.

I took on the challenge and thus started my SEO career.

As all do, I started with basic knowledge of different concepts. That soon grew as I moved on to further explore the industry within one of the top agencies within the UK, Stickyeyes Group.

I thrived in an environment of people who, at the time, had vastly more knowledge and experience than myself.

I quickly progressed up the ranks, working on more complex projects on sites using the latest web technologies, like Angular, React and Vue.js. 

I also wanted to broaden my knowledge from purely technical and began nurturing skills such as:

  • Content strategies
  • Site speed optimisation
  • User-experience

Since then, the SEO industry has moved on in a big way. So much so that having these skills is intrinsic to the practice itself.

As my SEO and consulting skills grew, I gained a reputation as the go-to person for critical work. Whether that was pitching, SEO strategies, content strategies, or delivering complex audits.

Years later, the combination of these skills has helped me start my own SEO consultancy, working with large businesses like Sephora, Joules, REISS, Interflora and Virgin.

Effectively delivering results while working remotely is core to what I do, consulting with businesses across the globe, from Singapore, Australia, Dubai, the US and more.

Alongside sharing my expertise with clients, I also enjoy sharing it publically on my blog and Twitter with a growing audience.

Outside of work, I live a balanced lifestyle. You'll often find me travelling the world, reading a new book, going for long countryside walks or trying new foods.