Content marketing
Data-led content creation that revolves around your audience.
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A user-first mindset to content

Content built for performance.

Creating content to target micro-moments in each stage of the user's journey is key to any search strategy. You need to nurture your audience all the way from initial awareness to conversion and loyalty.

I'll help by creating a content strategy that engages your audience and drives traffic to your site. Once we have the strategy in place, I'll assist by ensuring content is created by people with knowledge and expertise in your field of work.

Data underpins everything I do, whether that’s insights into the content types your audience engages with, what they search for, or even the length of the article that works best.

How it works

The 3 key steps to creating great content.

When it comes to creating, there are three key stages to get right to ensure success.

Content strategy

What topics should you write about to engage your audience? I use a range of data and insights to pinpoint what you should be talking about to engage your audience at each stage of their journey.

Content planning

The ‘when’ of your content strategy. Even if you know the topics you want to cover, you still need to make sure you are writing about them at precisely the right time to guarantee user engagement.

Content creation

Writing to engage is not easy. That’s why I don’t just use high quality experienced writers; I also ensure they are experts in your industry before pen touches paper.

Getting started


Still have a few questions before starting your content marketing campaigns?

Here are some FAQs, but if your question isn't covered, it'll be answered in an initial scoping call to discuss your requirements for the project.

There are three ways I come up with content ideas:

  • Content research - Research around what your personas are interested to spot highly shareable and linkable topics
  • Keyword research - Insights into what your audience searches for
  • Competitor research - Research into your competitors content that receives traffics, links or shares

Initial content ideas are delivered in a table with data on the:

  • Primary keyword
  • Secondary keywords - More specific variations of searches within the main topic the primary keyword is about
  • Search volume - Volume of the primary keyword
  • Keyword difficulty - A 0 - 100 score showing the difficulty to rank
  • Commercial overlap - How close the user's search query relates to a product you offer
  • And more

Next, we'll then run through the ideas and I'll start planning in months when we should write different pieces of content.

I won't write the articles personally; part of my service is sourcing talented writers with experience within your field of work.

Having expert writers is essential for making a piece of content both different and better than competing pieces of work.

The types of writers I find are usually people who have actually worked in your industry before, so they'll be able to provide unique insights.

Inputs that go into my content briefs include:

  • Featured snippets
  • People also ask
  • Semantically related topics
  • Competitor analysis
  • Questions on Reddit & Quora
  • Questions users ask found with keyword research

Once content has been written, I also check back against my initial brief and research to ensure everything has been covered.

My content auditing process covers this. I have my own in-house algorithm for spotting high opportunity pages to focus on and low-quality pages to improve or remove.

Once I've highlighted articles to focus on to improve, these articles go through my briefing process and then into content writing.

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