Increase your traffic and revenue by optimising how web crawlers crawl, render and index your content.

Technical SEO to ensure your site is fit-for-purpose.

Optimising what you have on your site through Technical & On-page SEO is a great way to drive revenue without the large investment in off page campaigns and link building.

I have tons of experience exponentially improving conversions and performance with technical SEO. If I don’t truly believe I can do that, I won’t recommend it.

Meta optimisation
Indexation auditing
Crawl auditing
International SEO
JavaScript SEO
Local SEO
Mobile SEO
Site speed
Structured data
Site structure / internal linking
Log-file analysis
Link auditing

Whatever the platform, I can cover it.

I've had many years of success helping brands achieve aggressive targets utilising technical SEO. My process for technical SEO is entirely platform-agnostic approach that will work with any setup and in any industry.

Complicated technical setups are where I work best, including single-page applications created with JavaScript frameworks such as Vue, Angular or React and even progressive-web apps.

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