Technical SEO
Increase your traffic and revenue by optimising how web crawlers crawl, render and index your content.
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Why invest in Technical SEO?

Technical SEO ensures your site is fit-for-purpose.

Optimising what you have on your site through Technical & On-page SEO is a great way to drive revenue without the large investment in off-page campaigns and link building.

I have experience exponentially improving conversions and performance with technical SEO. If I don’t truly believe I can do that, I won’t recommend it.

Platform agnostic approach

Whatever the platform, I can cover it.

Complicated technical setups are where I work best, including single-page applications created with JavaScript frameworks such as Vue, Angular or React and even progressive-web apps.

Getting started


Have some questions before your start growing your site's organic traffic with technical SEO? If your question isn't answered below, don't worry. We'll have a scoping call so I can fully understand your brand and site's background.

Site audits are always the best way to start a technical SEO campaign.

A site audit will outline all potential areas of growth via both technical and on-page SEO. After doing that piece of work, creating a prioritised plan for what we should be improving becomes much easier.

This entirely depends on the site history and issues found when auditing.

If you're a well-known brand and have previously not given SEO enough time, I'll likely uncover issues that will significantly benefit your organic traffic. I've had clients in this situation have 10x the revenue after two months of on-page activity.

If you're a relatively unknown startup with low site authority, the value of technical SEO will be longer-term.

This depends on the expertise required and the size of the site. If you have a large site that uses client-side rendering through React, you can expect costs to be higher.

After hearing the full scope of what you require and learning more about your business, I'll provide various pricing examples for different project sizes.

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