Why invest in Technical SEO?

Technical SEO ensures your site is fit-for-purpose

Optimising what you have on your site through Technical & On-page SEO is a great way to drive revenue without the significant investment in off-page campaigns and link building.

I consistently improve conversions and performance with technical SEO. If I don’t truly believe I can do that, I won’t recommend it.

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How I can help

Technical SEO work that works

I've delivered technical SEO plans for some of the UK's biggest, most highly trafficked sites. If you're looking for an expert to help with a complex setup, you've found one.

Site audits

Develop an all-encompassing on-site plan that lays out a roadmap for SEO growth.

Site structure

Set a plan for how pages should be organised considering taxonomies and topic clusters.

Internal linking

Improve internal linking to high growth opportunity pages on your site.

JavaScript SEO

Ensure the content on your site can be correctly rendered and indexed by search engines.

Structured data

Enhance how your result looks within search and help search engines better understand the content of your website.

Site speed

Delight your customers with fast web experiences that pass the core web vitals test.

International SEO

Correctly implement the technical requirements for a successful international site rollout.

Log-file analysis

Understand issues web crawlers discover on your site, make better use of your crawl budget.
Platform Agnostic Approach

Whatever the platform, I can cover it

Complicated technical setups are where I work best, including single-page applications created with JavaScript frameworks such as Vue, Angular, or React.
How it works

4 steps to technical SEO success

My approach to technical SEO gives clear direction on precisely what you're development team needs to improve to help search engines better understand your site.

    • 1. Platform research

      First, I'll learn more about your current setup, known issues, and any potential limitations.

    • 2. Site auditing

      I'll discover and prioritise issues found using my custom technical SEO checklist, built over ten years of auditing websites.

    • 3. Questions & answers

      I'll run through the findings with your development team, answering questions and amending the plan based upon their knowledge of the codebase.

    • 4. Implementation

      I'll support on an ongoing basis, finding new opportunities and helping with the implementation.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out for an initial strategy discussion.

Site audits are always the best way to start a technical SEO campaign.

A site audit will outline all potential areas of growth via both technical and on-page SEO. After doing that work, creating a prioritised plan for what we should be improving becomes much more straightforward.

This entirely depends on the site history and issues found when auditing.

Suppose you're a well-known brand and have previously not given SEO enough time. In that case, I'll likely uncover issues that will significantly benefit your organic traffic in a short period.

I've had clients in this situation have 10x the revenue after two months of on-page activity.

If you're a relatively unknown startup with low site authority, the value of technical SEO will be longer-term.

This depends on the expertise required and the size of the site. If you have a large site that uses client-side rendering through React, you can expect costs to be higher.

After hearing the full scope of what you require and learning more about your business, I'll provide various pricing examples for different project sizes.

That's my preferred way of working. I recommend a Slack channel for ongoing communication with developers, alongside a weekly call to catch up on progress.

I've been prioritising technical recommendations and working with developers on various platforms for nearly ten years.

The result is that I have a strong understanding of the impact a fix will make, how long it'll take to see results and, importantly, the effort it'll take to fix.

I will prioritise all recommendations I share based upon effort vs reward based upon my experience.