SEO Tools

My SEO tool stack.

See below the tools I use on a daily basis to improve and speed up my SEO process.


  • Real-time monitoring & alerting
  • Reporting API with Data Studio integration
  • Segmentation
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  • Speeds up content briefing
  • Intuitive UX
  • Constantly rolling out new features
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  • My favourite site auditing tool
  • Integrates data from GSC/Google Analytics
  • Incredibly feature-rich with great support
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  • Marketing data to Google Sheets
  • Data storage with BigQuery
  • Custom Data Studio connectors
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Forecast Forge

  • Forecasting data with machine learning
  • Works directly within Google Sheets
  • Allows for regressors to improve forecasts
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  • Google Search Console (GSC) data storage
  • A/B testing
  • Segmentation of GSC data
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  • My favourite all-in-one tool
  • Best Keyword Research tool 
  • Intuitive UX and great design
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  • My favourite speed monitoring tool
  • Test profiles are especially useful
  • Measures core web vitals
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